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Version: 3.2

iOS Category (ios-only)

All iOS Category types are made available through the named export IOSCategory:

import { IOSCategory } from 'react-native-track-player';


The category for playing recorded music or other sounds that are central to the successful use of your app.

See the Apple Docs


The category for recording (input) and playback (output) of audio, such as for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app.

See the Apple Docs


The category for routing distinct streams of audio data to different output devices at the same time.

See the Apple Docs


The category for an app in which sound playback is nonprimary — that is, your app also works with the sound turned off.

See the Apple Docs


The default audio session category.

See the Apple Docs


The category for recording audio while also silencing playback audio.

See the Apple Docs